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What is LArVa?

LArVa is a free driver that turns an Arduino microcontroller into a data acquisition system.  Using just an Arduino and your computer, LArVa allows you to measure voltages, output voltages and read and write digital lines.  LArVa can be used to measure sensors (such as voltage, current, temperature, position and more) and drive actuators (such as heaters, motors, valves, solenoids and more).


LArVa gets it's name by combining the words "Labview" and "Arduino."   The LArVa download includes the SimpleGraph application, which allows you to access all of the capabilities of LArVa in a simple program.  SimpleGraph comes as an executable, which can be run without Labview.  SimpleGraph Labview source files are also included so those with Labview can modify and improve the application to meet your specific needs.


LArVa accesses up to all 6 of the 10-bit analog inputs on the Arduino and can communicate at baud rates up to 128kbps.  LArVa also includes firmware averaging, to trade bandwidth for noise for applications that need higher sensitivity at lower data rates.  In addition to providing access to the analog input channels on the Arduino, the driver also includes tools to locate the Arduino on the bus and to automatically program the Arduino with the LArVa firmware.


Learn more about LArVa or just go ahead and Download LArVa for free. Please see our installation guide for help with the install.

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