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What is Arduino Uno?

The Arduino Uno is an open source microcontroller board.  It costs less than $30 in single quantities and when combined with Angstrom Design's free Labview Arduino Driver (LArVa) it can be used for ultra-inexpensive data acquisition using Labview.

The Arduino includes 6 10-bit analog inputs.  These analog inputs can be accessed from Labview using the LArVa driver at up to 128kbps.

The Arduino is based on the Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller.  Engineers can use the simplified Arduino environment for simple tasks or access the Atmel microprocessor directly for more complex tasks.  The Uno communicates with the PC via COM over USB and has a number of on-board features, such as regulated 5V and 3.3V, 6 analog inputs, 6 PWM outputs and 8 digital I/Os.  Additionally, daughter boards can be added to the Uno to allow for many more functions, such as amplified motor output, battery powered operation, XBee wireless communication, Ethernet communication and electronics prototyping.

We recommend getting the latest Arduino Uno microcontroller.  See our FAQ 'Where do I buy an Aruino Uno?' for where we get ours.

Arduino is an excellent was to do simple microcontroller design and data acquisition.  For production products, using the sole microcontroller is usually best, but for quick data acquisition and test and measurement tasks, Arduino is a good way to get the data quickly.