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How do I zoom in using LArVa Simple Graph?

There are many ways, including:

  • Simply type the values you want into the y-axis.  Typically this means replacing the 1023 at the top and the 0 at the bottom with the range you would like to see.
  • Right click on the y-axis and select 'AutoScale Y'.  This will scale the Y axis to the range of the largest and smallest values in the data set.
    • Note that if you have autoscaling on, you will no longer be able to type values directly into the axis and have them stay for longer than a second. 

While using the .exe is nice, you can do so much more when you Labview to modify the source files, also included in LArVa.  Use the source files to perform much more advanced zooming operations, such as graphical zoom using the graph palette and programatic zooming using property nodes and more.  If you don't know how to do that, you can learn that and a whole lot more in our Data Acquisition 101 course.

View the video below on zooming using LArVa Simple Graph .exe: