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LArVa Windows 7 problems

LArva version 1.2.2 was written for Windows XP, but will work in Windows 7.

Known trouble spots in Windows 7 include:

  • Arduino Drivers not correctly installed
  • Pop-up for a new configuration file each time LArVa is run
  • Pop-up windows are not correctly sized for buttons:
    • Depending on your screen settings the pop-up dialog "The Labview-Arduino Driver firmware could not be verified:..." has 3 buttons but you may only be able to see the last 2 of them.  The buttons are:
      • Upload Firmware to Arduino
      • Check COM ports (no firmware upload)
      • Exit
    • Use the tab button to select various buttons.  If the 2 buttons you can see are not selected, then the 3 choice in the list above is active.  Press the Enter key to make this selection.  The COM port must be correctly identified and the LArVa firmware must be uploaded for LArVa to work properly.