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How do I get started with data acquisition?

Angstrom Designs is a great place to get started with data acquisition.  You can take an on-line course from us.  Included in the course is a hardware package that contains everything you'll need, including a data acquisition board and many sensors and actuators.

If you prefer to check out the hardware on your own, the LArVa driver and a good place to start.  You can download this for free.  After that you will need:

  • A windows computer
  • An Arduino microcontroller
  • The LArVa driver
  • Optionally, if you want to write software, you will need Labview

We recommend getting the latest Arduino Uno microcontroller.  See our FAQ 'Where do I buy an Aruino Uno?' for where we get ours.


You can download the LArVa driver in the Simple Graph application from this site.


Once you have everything you need, you can get started with our LArVa installation guide and and our application notes.