Multi-Junction Simulation and Calibration for Cells and Panels

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Advancing Zero-Atmosphere Solar Cell Testing and Calibration

Successful solar cell production and deployment for space applications depends on realistic, zero-atmosphere solar simulations. At Angstrom Designs, we develop advanced testing and calibration processes that provide prime contractors, solar panel integrators and photovoltaic (PV) researchers with the most accurate and thorough analytics of their panels, coupons and cells. Our patented programmable LED solar simulator technology addresses the challenging testing requirements of multi-junction solar cells.

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LED Solar Simulation

In zero-atmosphere (AM0) simulations, our programmable LED solar simulator (pLEDss) outperforms legacy solar simulation systems by providing light beams with higher accuracy and greater spatial and spectral flexibility. Traditional lamp-based solar simulators fall short of being able to accurately test solar cells with more than three junctions. Our pLEDss technology enables us to measure everything from silicon to thin-film to state of the art 5-junction solar cells.

The process is completely automated and noninvasive, delivering crucial metrics for solar cell health. This highly flexible testing platform also provides spectral tunability and junction current matching capabilities.

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High-altitude Balloon Calibration

Our small, high-altitude balloon gondola allows us to fly cells early and often with lead times as low as four weeks, enabling the creation of solar simulator calibration primaries. A modular stage houses various cell arrangements, and its pitch- and yaw-capable design allows the system to consistently point at the sun, delivering accurate data in both raw and corrected data packages upon flight completion.

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We are pushing the envelope with space-grade solar cell research and development. Thanks to our advanced technology and experienced team, we deliver high-quality, consistent and data-driven results.


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