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LED Solar Simulators

Improve Simulations With New LED Technologies

Our programmable LED solar simulator (pLEDss) is a new, powerful and efficient test and calibration system for current and future space-grade solar cell applications. This LED technology can generate the power necessary for space-grade solar cell testing, providing an alternative to traditional lamp-based systems.

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LEDs Enable Near-field Solar Simulation

Traditional simulators utilize one or a few lamps as a light source with a working distance of at least several meters. These systems achieve uniformity and spectral matching using lenses, mirrors and filters. However, these lamp-based designs can’t meet the requirements of current and future solar cell technologies — including four-junction cells and higher.

Our technology places hundreds of small LEDs close to the cells. Each of the hundreds or thousands of LED channels in our system is independently adjustable, leading to superior spectral adjustability, spatial uniformity and temporal stability.

The increased granularity in test conditions allows us to both spatially and spectrally bias an individual cell within a string to extract key performance metrics.

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pLEDss Head Capabilities

  • Multiple junction cell testing (3J, 4J, 5J, 6J and more)
  • Horizontal or vertical panel testing
  • Spectrally tunable to match multiple standard spectra including AM0, AM1 and AM1.5
  • Low-intensity illumination for LILT applications
  • Easily scalable from single cells to large arrays and wings
  • Pulsed or continuous operation
  • Wide spectral adjustability
  • Excellent spatial uniformity, temporal stability and junction current matching
  • Superior isotype current matching
  • Direct zone error measurement for real time measurement-accuracy feedback

Robust Testing and Calibrations

In addition to standard AM0 circuit illumination, we can also extract performance metrics from an individually biased cell, aiding prime contractors, integrators and manufacturers in monitoring individual cell performance throughout the production process.

This process also improves panel performance characterization, cell location capabilities for damaged or under-performing cells and quality control.

Through our patented calibration process, users can directly tune out spectral mismatch using isotype calibration standards.

Our current applications include:

  • Automated calibration and measurement
  • III-V cells: 3J, 4J, 5J or 6J
  • Perovskites and tandems
  • Silicon cells and tandems
  • Thin film cells: CdTe, CIGS, a-Si and others
  • Cell and small-area coupon research and development
  • Large-area panel and wing manufacturing
  • Fully automated power module and cell manufacturing
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Automation Delivers Fast Results

Angstrom Designs

We deliver a measurement solution that gives researchers full control over the illumination spectrum and enables manufacturers to run fully automated, repeatable testing. We secure the light modules and isotype calibration standards into an automation frame designed for many configurations. Common setups include vertically mounted modules for testing single cells or small coupons in lab environments on manufacturing lines — or horizontally mounted modules for coupon, panel or wing testing. In addition, we continue to produce other frames to include even more configurations — both standard and custom form factor automation frames are available.

Through innovative designs, optimized testing procedures and over fifteen years of aerospace industry expertise, we deliver detailed, accurate and reliable data. And, our software automates numerous tasks and procedures comprising the entire scope of a testing job, minimizing turnaround times.

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