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Angstrom Designs to Perform Solar Array Testing for NASA's Gateway

Santa Barbara, CA, May 5, 2023 — Angstrom Designs announces it will perform solar array testing to support NASA’s Gateway lunar space station, a foundational component of the agency’s Artemis program. Subcontracted through Maxar Technologies, Angstrom will use its programmable LED solar simulator (pLEDss) technology to test the solar arrays for Gateway’s Power and Propulsion Element (PPE). PPE is a foundational element of NASA’s Gateway and is managed by NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Our work supports optimally functioning systems for manned space missions,” says Casey Hare, CTO, Angstrom Designs. “We’re pleased Maxar has chosen our pLEDss technology to ensure system reliability and crew safety.”

Angstrom Designs’ patented pLEDss technology is a powerful, efficient test and measurement system for current and future space-grade solar cell applications, including four-junction cells and higher. By placing tens of thousands of small LEDs close to the cells, this technology generates the power necessary for space-grade solar cell testing and offers an alternative to traditional lamp-based systems.

The adjustability of independent LEDs enables superior spectral adjustability, spatial uniformity and temporal stability, increasing testing granularity. These capabilities allow Angstrom Designs to deliver superior performance on the latest solar cell technologies to Maxar’s PPE program.

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About Angstrom Designs:

Founded in 2011, Angstrom Designs Inc. ( develops advanced testing and calibration processes that provide prime contractors, solar panel integrators and photovoltaic (PV) researchers with the most accurate and thorough analytics of their panels, coupons and cells. Angstrom Designs consists of a diverse group of engineers whose expertise in systems design for automated instrumentation, control, test and measurement has pushed the envelope with space-grade solar cell research and development. Their patented programmable LED solar simulator (pLEDss) technology addresses the challenging testing requirements of multi-junction solar cells. Their pLEDss technology enables rapid measurement and automated acquisition of solar cell and string performance with more capability and flexibility than the current state of practice.

We are pushing the envelope with space-grade solar cell research and development. Thanks to our advanced technology and experienced team, we deliver high-quality, consistent and data-driven results.


Angstrom Designs is an R&D, instrumentation, test and measurement company focused on space-grade photovoltaic power.


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